Home Decor and Holiday Decorating Ideas

Home Decor to Make Cheery Room

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The point of home decor does not only create a daily living space full of aesthetically pleasing but also creating a more cheerful ambience for you and your family members.

A home that reflects your aspirations of aesthetics would give you a cozy space to unwind your stresses of the day. Decorating a living room could make gathering more intimate while beautifying a dining room would enchant delightful when having meals.

Home decor encompasses many different elements apart from aesthetics for each and every corner in the house. It also involves space utilization of a room and functionality of home accessories that are used inside the room.

Don’t worry! Home decor is not a complicated task as long as your decorating stuff carries both beauty and comfort elements.

Let’s grab similar home accessories recommended here and putting these decorating ideas to the test in your house, you’re sure to enjoy a stylish home that’s full of a cozy and joyful atmosphere.

Holiday Decorating Ideas for Home

When a holiday is coming upon us, most of us are busy to decorate our home in order to embrace the holiday spirit. It is time to enjoy cheery moments with family members and friends. Stay on and scroll down if you are looking for some simple ways to make your home festive instantly.

holiday decorating ideas for home

Halloween Decorating Ideas

It’s all about spooky! Some people go all out to embrace this holiday. They turn their garage into a haunted house or setup graveyard scene at their front patio. All in all, they are decorating their house with spirit of “festival of the dead”.

If you have kids at home and would like to leave joyful memorable times of trick or treat for little ones, then put aside those creepy props. You may make use of orange color while decorating your house. Carving a pumpkin or make use of blow-up props is the ideal pick if you are looking for kid-friendly Halloween decorating ideas.

Easy Halloween Decorations for Indoors

Let’s start from a boring bathroom.

Could you imagine a person’s reaction when she or he sees bloody hand-prints and blood splatters all over in a bathroom? You probably will hear a loud scream sound right after your guest steps in the bathroom.

You don’t need to require the whole noontime during the weekend to set out such a horror scene. All you need is to find ready-made bloody handprint shower curtain and blood splatter bath mat. Click the link to see the bathroom accessories that feature a variety of bloody styles.

I personally love this kind of decoration stuff. They not only act as props to freak out guests but also practical supplies that people need to use in the bathroom.

In case you don’t want to decorate your bathroom as a murder scene, you may consider witches brew shower curtain or other ghoulish Halloween shower curtain sets. Of course, you need to pick a different pattern of Halloween bathroom rug to match them.

Next is the kitchen decoration.

The common activities that people do in a kitchen include preparing breakfast, cooking dinner, sharpen blades so that easy to cut and slice food. Did you ever think of using fake food to scare your guests?

Yes, you get me right. You can display fake human heart or Halloween decorations body parts which are packed in a normal shallow meat tray on the countertop. You can also add severed head props that associate with a victim being chopped into a few pieces. This kind of horror scene definitely boosts spooky touch to the max level.

If you dislike creating such spooky feeling in your kitchen, you may replace it with giant spider Halloween prop sticks on the kitchen door or flying witch Halloween prop hangs on the wall. This type of props is not as creepy as fake body parts but they feature the classic festival icon that adds a touch of holiday spirit.

You can use these props to decorate your living room as well.

The living room is the main place to serve guests. You can create a spooky yet fun feeling by displaying some motion-activated Halloween props that full of the art of surprise. Do not hesitate to take advantage of a black and white plastic table cloth for creating a foundation of the centerpiece in the living room.

Some table clothes come with spider designs that are best suited as the October festival decoration. Similarly, you can place a black table runner on the dining table. You’ll find variety pattern designs such as skull, ghosts, whimsical pumpkin, spider and cobweb. Feel free to pick one that matches your decoration theme.

Once you have a table runner, you can place an animated Halloween candy bowl on the dining table. This kind of sweets container will surprise kids at the moment their hand reaches out the bowl.

Halloween Decorations for Outside House

I always like to kick off the outdoor decoration from the main door by simply hang a black and white wreath or light up Halloween wreath. My favorite choice is the one features classic icons and illuminate at night. The design may include a little skull, ghosts or the word BOO. This is the simplest way to add the holiday atmosphere.

Next, it’s the garage. Please don’t get me wrong. I am very seldom to decorate the garage room as it is not the place I serve my guests. What I mean is to utilize Halloween garage door magnets that having the greeting word “Happy Halloween” for adding a touch of holiday excitement.

I then move on to set up a spooky landscape that surely attracts every single passerby at night with my secret tool. Guess what secret tool that I am using for the past few years? Bingo! It is a Halloween light show projector that helps me to set up a very charming yet vivid scene instantly.

If you go all out for this October festival, you won’t miss the yard decorations. To be honest, this is the area that makes me a headache each year. This is because it exposes to everyone; neighbors, guests and even passing by a stranger.

I used to decorate my front yard with a scary theme before we moved here. There was a year I utilize life size Halloween coffin matches with a life size posable skeleton and an animated zombie ground breaker prop to decorate that area as a graveyard. It really was a fun experience and some of my neighbors were copied my ideas and done a similar decoration on the following year.

Anyhow, I personally found that it is not suitable if there are toddlers stay nearby. Yes, I do consider the neighborhood when coming to outdoor decorating and this causes me to think twice before decide a decoration theme.

I finally pick inflatable ornaments as it is the best suited as kids-friendly Halloween decoration for the front yard. Most of them come with whimsical designs such as inflatable witch legs. Alternative you can pick blow up witch to add spooky touch but it does not frighten little trick-or-treaters.

Talking about little trick-or-treaters, you may prepare light up Halloween buckets for your young kids. It is an adorable container that kids love to carry on the night of 31 October.

You probably notice that I utilize a number of props to complete the holiday decoration. Well, this is the simplest and easiest way to decorating from indoor to outdoor at home when conjunction with a busy work schedule.

Christmas Decorating Ideas

When stepping in the mid of November, we are planning to decorate our home from the yard, hallway, living room, kitchen to the home office. This is a joyful holiday and we wish to boost the Christmas atmosphere at every corner.

A Christmas tree definitely is the main character. We have one which bought ever since we moved into a new house and keep inside the storeroom for the past few months. Now is time to show off the tall Xmas tree by hanging shiny ball ornament and some other eye-catching decorative little stuff.

Simple Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Each and every year, our indoor Christmas decoration starts from the Xmas tree. This year we buy a new burlap Christmas tree skirt to match our brown color wooden floor. When the artificial Christmas tree has completed the setup and stand in front of us, it’s time to adorn it and turn it an eye-catching piece.

We said bye to ordinary star tree topper and replace it with Santa Christmas tree topper. We grab a super adorable tree topper last week. It features a Santa Claus who wears his classic costume and has a gift sack on his back is climbing down thru chimney.

Last few years, we used ball ornaments for the body part. This year we have extra nutcracker ballet Christmas ornaments hanging in between ball shape trinkets. We then have a life size nutcracker statue stands next to the Christmas tree.

It is staring at the decoration of an animated Santa climbing a red ladder by carrying a string of LED lights. The animated Santa even plays different Christmas chorus while he is climbing up and down.

Last but not least, we put light up Christmas presents on tree skit surrounding the Xmas tree to complete the decoration. The present boxes feature red color ribbon and snowflakes. They all create an amazing scene for letting us embrace the excitement of the holiday. They all create an amazing scene for letting us embrace the excitement of the holiday.

Did I mention where is the place we set up the Christmas tree? We have it stand next to our main door. After passing thru entryway and turn right, guests would reach our living room. So, the living room is our next decoration area.

My super simple approach to decorating the living room is to buy few Christmas decorative pillow covers a for replacing the current ordinary pillowcases. If you have no throw pillows on the sofa, you may consider grabbing red and white Christmas pillows to boost the holiday spirit instantly.

There is a charming tabletop fiber optic Christmas tree on the side table next to the sofa. My son likes to turn off the living room light in order to see beautiful lights that keep changing colors from the tips of the pine needles.

Of course, we never forget to put something on the coffee table as it is part of the decoration in our living room. We either display a winter country cabin sculpture or snow globe. It depends on what type of throw pillow we put on the sofa. If we are using reversible sequin holiday throw pillow, then we will mostly choose Santa musical water globe.

We also take curtain color into consideration. As we had been hanging Christmas curtain that features green fir branches with pendent red balls, we want those decorative items to match the color of curtain so that it creates a harmony scene at the same time increase the holiday ambience.

If the living room is a busy corner for serving guests, then the kitchen is another heavy-duty area for our own uses. Thus, we adorn the kitchen window by apply climbing Santa Claus pendent ornaments. You’ll embrace the holiday mood when you step into the kitchen and see those adorable Santa Claus climbing a rope.

On top of that, we have some practical decorative stuff placing on the countertop such as Christmas paper towel holder, red and white kitchen towel to be used as dishcloth as well as Christmas wine bottle holder. You may consider decorating a wine bottle with Christmas jumper or Santa cover in case you just have one or two wines bottles in the kitchen.

Among all those decorative practical stuff, my most favorite item is salt and pepper set that featured an adorable Santa looking a mailbox. In fact, I have a few sets of Christmas salt and pepper shakers that I collected throughout the years. They all made with ceramic and feature eye-catching design.

The next area is the bathroom. The easy way to decorate the bathroom is changing the existing curtain with a Christmas shower curtain and towel. To complete the bathroom holiday decoration, place a similar design of a Christmas bathroom rug set that includes toilet lid cover, toilet floor contour as well as the floor mat.

I also apply the simple decoration in the home office by putting a light up nativity set on my working desk whereby my son is putting a wooden tabletop Christmas tree.

Before we move to outdoor decoration, we had to hang a Christmas wreath with battery operated lights on top of the main door. We also decorated mantelpiece by hanging Christmas stocking with letters.

Simple Outdoor Decorations for Christmas

We used to have a decorative holiday cover on the garage door. And so, we purchased garage door Christmas cover that featuring 3D effect with winter design to replace the Halloween one. We then apply the same thing to the mailbox by having a magnetic mailbox cover.

During day time, the attractive landscape at our front yard is white nativity scene that we set up last week. We found that some passerby slows down their steps just because they want to have a closer look at the holly family scene.

Last year we have Mickey Mouse inflatable decoration and adorned the scene with solar light stakes surrounding it. Due to the weather here, those solar lights may not function at night as they supposed to. Anyhow, they look nice as part of decoration at the front yard.

Light show projector never brings us down when comes to the night time of holiday season.  We always set up the projector a week before the festival and definitely activate it on party night.