Animated Santa Climbing Red Ladder with LED Lights

Animated Santa Climbing Red Ladder with LED Lights

Do not hesitate to grab this animated Santa climbing a red ladder with LED lights if you would like to create a scene to portray the pleasure old St. Nick, who is thought to bring gifts to children at Christmas in the legendary story, coming with a Santa bag while decorating your house by carries a string of lights.

This jolly St. Nick comes with his classic costume that made with real fabric. He is working fine by leaning against a wall or Christmas tree which higher than his 40 inch stepladder.

Better still, he is stepping up and down at the same time sings fifteen different Christmas corals to put you in a joyful mood. Your house definitely fills with excitement holiday ambience with the appearance of this amazing decoration.

The entire piece is not only serving to liven up your holiday decoration but it can be an ideal gift especially those having kids at home.

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