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Santa with Sleigh Flying Over a Town Snow Globe

Santa with Sleigh Flying Over a Town Snow Globe

I was looking for some classic Christmas decorations that I can place on tabletop in living round and then I found this Santa with sleigh flying over a town snow globe.

It’s a great thing to buy if you’re thinking of putting something on tabletop either in office or living room for completing your centerpiece decoration.

Did I mention it plays music? It actually is a wind-up display unit and plays “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” when being activated.

Below the sparking snow-dome, there is a base featuring an old fashioned steam train and an old town. You probably noticed that the train body appears inside the snow-dome. It creates a scene that a train is passing thru from a place to another.

Thus, it is one of the best Christmas gifts for people who love to collect train models. In case you prefer the one characterize cheerful Christmas scene in the transparent sphere as well as the base design, then this Santa making his list of musical water globe could be your first choice.

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