Category: Bathroom

Mickey Mouse Bath Towels

Let’s bring home the famous Disney cartoon character with these Mickey Mouse bath towels that kids love to use for drying off themselves after shower

Mickey and Minnie Shower Curtain

Let’s create a vibrant atmosphere for your couple, kids and guests with this Mickey and Minnie shower curtain. They will have a big smile when seeing the funny cartoon characters

Minnie Mouse Shower Curtain

AWARE! Your guests may spend more time in the bathroom if you use the Minnie Mouse shower curtain by adding spots of sweet and adorable style in the bathroom

Irregular Shaped Bath Rugs

Shortlisted irregular shaped bath rugs that will add unique style to your bathroom. It let’s you feel the warmth in the early morning and prevent slipping after a bath.

Animal Print Shower Curtain

TOP 5 choices of animal print shower curtain to makeover bathroom with just a single touch. There are tiger, zebra, giraffe, leopard patterns for you to choose from.

Leopard Print Shower Curtain

BEST leopard print shower curtain for you to decor your bathroom with a wildlife safari theme. Apart from the brown background with black spots, you can find some other background colors.