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Winter Country Cabin with Snowman Polyresin Sculpture

Winter Country Cabin with Snowman Polyresin Sculpture

If you are sourcing an attractive Christmas decoration item to put on a tabletop or under your Christmas tree, this winter country cabin with snowman poly-resin sculpture that lights up and has smoke coming out of the little chimney is the best choice.

This double storey house is being decorated with a festive wreath on the main door and windows. It looks charming and seems like someone is living inside when it lights up with three units of AAA batteries.

The interesting part is that you can make real smoke coming out from the little chimney. All you need to do is to burn an incense cone that comes with this decoration item.

The incense will give off a delicate wisp of pale fragrant smoke and creates a smoking effect on top of this little house's chimney while filling your room with lovely aromas.

It definitely is a great decoration item to boost the holiday atmosphere and can be a great gift for those who like to do meditation with a room filled with aromas.

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