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Candy Cane Shaped Reversible Sequin Holiday Throw Pillow

Candy Cane Shaped Reversible Sequin Holiday Throw Pillow

Do not hesitate to grab this lovely reversible sequin candy cane shaped pillow to replace an ordinary square Christmas decorative pillow. It will add a little touch of holiday spirit with its accent red and white colors. (Just noticed that the seller has no stock of the sequin type. We have no choice but to display this one as shown in the picture temporary)

We just set up our Christmas tree this afternoon and we found it’s a bit boring with a burlap skirt on the ground. We then decided to shop for a shiny but non-electrical ornament to complete the holiday decoration.

We found this decorative pillow online. It is an ideal pick to place under Christmas tree and it looks more charming at night when the Xmas tree is being lighted up.

Better still, it serves dual functions. We bought three pieces. One is used for the original decoration purpose while another two being placed on the sofa. You’ll feel cozy when you hug it as it features soft fleece back.

When you gently move its sequin, you’ll notice it changes color from festive green to winter silver. Its appearance definitely adds the holiday atmosphere in a living room or any other place where it is in.

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