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Santa Making His List Musical Water Globe

Santa Making His List Musical Water Globe

If you are in mid of preparing Christmas gift or sourcing an attractive festive theme centerpiece to put on the tabletop for embrace the holiday spirit, then do not hesitate to grab this Santa Making His List musical water globe.

This is probably the best snow globe to buy. You’ll feel a delightful holiday when you look at it. Santa Claus is inside the water ball with his smiling face. He looks joyful while checking the present list. And at the bottom, there is another Santa Claus having a rest so he got full energy going to town.

When you wind up the bottom iron base, it spins at the same time snowflakes falling inside the water ball and playing festive music. All these features will make you immerse in the holiday atmosphere.

I personally like this product as it is an ideal Christmas gift and could be a great holiday decoration on the tabletop. And the fact that it only has a small amount of size which means that you are free to put it at any place in the house.

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