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How to Make Home Office Cozy

There are 6 ways to make home office cozy, most of them can be done by yourself, so that the home office space is both beautiful and functional. If you are working at home temporarily, or you would like to convert the office to a bedroom in near future, don’t worry, you can do it easily by then. Just make a small renovation then you are done.

1. Put your Working Desk at Right Position

how to make home office cozy

Most people believe that the most important element in creating a cozy home office is furniture, such as tables, chairs and bookcases, which directly affect the comfort of work. Take the table as an example. First consider the position of the working desk.

The best position is adjacent to the window to get more natural light and it will reduce eye fatigue as well, but do not directly face the window or lean directly against the window. This is because you may get nuisance by noisy sound from outside the window and it easily interferes with work.

2. Keep your Working Desk Clean and Tidy

I don’t know about you but I’m fall into bad mood if my working desk is messy. Hence, I place a multi-function desktop organizer on my working desk.

It is a great de-clutter solution and space saver. It not only keeps my books in a tidy way but also can be used as a display rack at the same time. Better still, the organizer can be adjusted and re-arrange the structure as you need.

3. Comfortable Seat

I had broken a chair after few months working from home. My son laughs at me when he saw the broken chair. I’m not a fat woman but I sit and work for long time. The chair is not designed for office use and I always feel uncomfortable when I have to sit and work for hours.

Hence, it is advisable to have ergonomic chair which been proved the efficacy of preventing back pain or correcting posture. Experts suggest simply buying a comfortable chair, then changing your sitting posture frequently and getting up and walking around frequently.

There are physiotherapist suggested that it is best to buy an office chair that can swing naturally with the body, just like the 360-degree swinging office chair recently launched on the market, which can also be exercised while sitting. The swing drives the movement of the inter vertebral discs and reduces the pressure on the waist due to prolonged sitting.

I personally prefer faux fur office chair. It looks so cozy with the soft faux fur surface. I choose the arm-less type because I used to cross legs while working.

4. Having a Decorative Room Partition Divider

It is an ideal product to separate a large space in a room and make it a temporary home office that looks cozy. In fact, decorative room partition dividers are becoming more and more popular, partly due to the increasing number of people working at home. There are tons of choices available on market place. You can choose from the style that match with your room decoration.

Alternative, you may use movable bookcases or open cube storage as partition to separate two area in a single room. It can offer you plenty of space to store office supplies as well.

5. Make Use of Plants

Studies have confirmed that planting can really increase productivity by 15%.  So, in order to increase productivity, quickly choose a pot of plants that are easy to take care of for your home office and place it where you can see it at any time.

Of course, you can also bring natural materials and natural colors into your home office to help stabilize your mood and improve concentration.

Did you remember the desk organizer I mentioned above? I have two mini plant pots place on the organizer. If you would like to have bigger plants in your home office, you may consider to utilize tension poles hanging plants. It can hang few plants while saving your floor space.

6. Place Decorative Objects Near Your Working Desk

You may pick some exquisite artworks and hanging paintings and place them in your home office, which will make your home office more inviting. These decorative objects can quickly make you motivated and improve work efficiency as well.

I myself prefer to place some interesting decorative objects near my computer and around my working desk. They can make my home office cozy and I can always shift the focus of the eyes and relieve visual fatigue after staring at computer for long time.