Beige Wood Book Storage and Display Desktop Organizer

Beige Wood Book Storage and Display Desktop Organizer

Thanks to this beige wood book storage and display desktop organizer which makes my son’s study desk looks tidy now.

Ever since back to school, I have been getting complains from my son say that he has too many reading materials that he would like to put on study desk for easy access while doing revision at home. However he doesn’t have a proper rack to arrange all his stuffs.

This adjustable shelf is the right solution for him. It is made with few pieces of pale brown wood to form two major sections. We are allowed to adjust the length of the space between these two sections based on our needs.

Although it comes with simple design but it serves multi-purpose. On top of holding books, it also can be used as stand for a clock, pen pot or tiny plant.

It definitely is a great declutter solution for those who having an untidy desk that fill with different stuffs.

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