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A Man Sitting on Toilet Mini Office Supply Holder

A Man Sitting on Toilet Mini Office Supply Holder

My son is looking for a birthday gift after he received a party invitation from his classmate. His sister has been giving lots of present ideas such as a story book, a color pencil set, a backpack, etc. But end up my son pick this desktop accessories organizer: A Man Sitting on Toilet Mini Office Supply Holder.

It looks awesome. You can even paint a facial expression on the man’s face to make it unique. Although the size is relatively small compared to those ordinary units, but yet it comes with lots of compartment for you to organize different types of stationery. As you can see in the picture, it is ready for holding pens, sticky notes, paper clip, and small tape dispenser.

Better still, it is within the budget. We found that this is one of the best birthday presents for a boy who is below 12 years old.

This small stationary organizer can be a great stuff for pupils to decorate their study desk. Its humorous design may turn their mood from boring to delight.

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