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Square Black Yin Yang Sand and Candle Desktop Zen Set

Square Black Yin Yang Sand and Candle Desktop Zen Set

My son and I finally made a decision to buy this square black Yin Yang sand and candle desktop Zen set for my husband as Father’s Day gift.

This miniature Zen garden would be the ideal pick to build a calming atmosphere for him to do meditation at home. He was a workaholic. The Yin Yang symbol could remind him of the work-life balance.

The candle holder is a convenience for my husband to burn the incense he likes while doing meditation. He said the incense just like a trigger to calm him down and bring peace to his mind.

We are pretty sure that he will like this Father’s Day gift. He probably will show us a big smiling face when he sees it. This is because we know that he is doing meditation at home office every single morning before he goes to work. He starts this practice ever since he attended a mindfulness course last year.

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