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Green Fir Branches and Red Balls Christmas Curtain

Green Fir Branches and Red Balls Christmas Curtain

My son was helping me to hang up these green fir branches and red balls Christmas curtain in our living room last week. It instantly creates a specific festival atmosphere in that area.

My son likes to touch it because it is made from silky satin soft fabric blended with a polyester tight woven. This is two panels set with a total measurement of 84 inches long by 108 inches wide.

I bought this item not only because of its size fits my windows. In fact, I love the colors and graphics design. Red and green are colors that remind me of the appearance of Santa. The twigs and shiny balls are classic festival ornaments.

In case you are too busy to decorate your home for this joyous festival, you may consider applying the simplest ways as what I’ve done. All you need to do is changing the curtains that are in your house then buy new curtains with a specific theme.

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