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Life Size Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Prop

Life Size Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Prop

Do not hesitate to have this life-size mermaid skeleton Halloween prop to match an inflatable pirate ship for completing your holiday decorations during October.

Most people prefer to have fake skulls or realistic-looking human bones as part of their decoration to create a spooky atmosphere.

This item features a framework of bone that designing in the shape of the head and trunk of a woman and the tail of a fish.

It is something special than those common full size plastic skeleton.

It is adding a touch of holiday spirit without making people feel spine-chilling. Thus, it is a great addition to your trick-or-treat party decoration.

I personally like to have it beside skeletons playing instruments the Halloween props. All of them can be used to set a scene that a mermaid is dancing at a music party. What do you think?

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