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Life Size Posable Skeleton with Pirate Costume Accessory

Life Size Posable Skeleton with Pirate Costume Accessory

Let’s place this life-size posable skeleton among Halloween props in a pirate theme party for an unforgettable night.

It comes with a classic bandanna and eyepatch. With its posable limbs and knees, it can do many different poses.

If you find that it looks a bit bored with its standing pose, you can make it sit on a bench in the front porch to welcome your guests. In fact, it is ready for joining trick-or-treating fun in the party.

Do not hesitate to put it beside a pirate ship the blow-up Halloween prop if you are creating an attractive scene in high traffic areas.

It not only completes your scene decoration and boosts the spooky atmosphere but also brings you tons of compliments.

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