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Eyes Glowing Screaming Hanging Witch Horror Halloween Prop

Eyes Glowing Screaming Hanging Witch Horror Halloween Prop

GO AWAY! This ornament is not suitable for you if you have kids at home or you're planning to decorate a kid-friendly party. Otherwise, consider grabbing this eyes glowing screaming hanging witch horror Halloween prop to boost creepy ambiance during October for embrace the holiday spirit.

You'll agree with me that this creepy item can create a scary atmosphere. I found it while I'm looking for a flying witch prop that featuring small size with vivid color.

I then attracted by this creepy ornament that makes scary sounds. Although it is not as large as the life-size hanging witch animated props, yet still making people spine-chilling especially see it during night item.

Did you notice that the evil sorceress's dress actually featuring spiderweb? Do not hesitate to click on the picture to see her entire look.

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