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Creepy Life Size Hanging Witch Animated Halloween Props

Creepy Life Size Hanging Witch Animated Halloween Props

It’s just not the spooky decoration without some animated Halloween props. This creepy looks life-size hanging witch with a horrible voice is something you can use in your decoration to to frighten guests.

You’ll be wrong if you thought it just looks scary with the exquisite workmanship. The hair-raising factors actually are caused by its flashing red eyes and cackles with frightening laughs.

It appears with open hands in the picture. In fact, it features posable arms. You can adjust and make its left arm up while right arm down.

The interesting part is that it comes with a pressing button for you to control when to talk. Alternatively, you can set it to auto-mode for activating its animation.

You may consider hanging it in porch or hallways where everyone has to pass thru and encounter the horrible item in order to maximize the spine-chilling factor.

All you need to do is to make sure there are exposed beams or hooks in your ceiling for mounting it. You can always suspend it from a tree limb if want to use it outdoor.

If you found it too alone when hanging over a tree limb, you can partner it with another flying witch Halloween prop to complete your decoration.

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