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Heart Shape Rainbow Color Reversible Sequins Throw Pillow

Heart Shape Rainbow Color Reversible Sequins Throw Pillow

Say goodbye to those ordinary square decorative cushion and replace with this eye-catching heart shape rainbow color reversible sequins throw pillow.

I don’t know about you but I personally love to see colorful arch when it appears in the sky when rain is falling and the sun is shining. For me, it carries hope and always let me feel warm. That's the main reason I love this decorative stuff. It features a side with a reversible sequin that comes with rainbow color. It does not only bring vivid touch in a room with its shiny sequins.

It also is letting people have little fun while relaxing on the sofa by flipping over the sequins just like petting mermaid scales. A random pattern will appear if you simply flip it. You can even create a word or decided pattern which kids love as this make them feel like in fairy tale.

You can consider candy cane shaped holiday throw pillow when Christmas is around the corner to add a little touch of holiday spirit.

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