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Football Black and White Round Rug

Football Black and White Round Rug

In case you’re sourcing a carpet for a boy’s bedroom or looking for an ideal gift to a person who likes sport then grab this football black and white round rug.

At first glance, it looks like a giant ball on the floor. Its monochrome color makes it easy to fit in a modern room regardless of the decor theme of the room.

There are two different sizes for you to choose from either 60cm or 80cm. It made of polyester fiber material and comes with a soft surface that kids will like to sit on it. So you may consider having the bigger size one if your kid likes to play his toys on the floor.

Apart from a boy’s bedroom, a monochrome circle shaped carpet also suitable to be placed in the living room. Click the link to find out more black and white round rug if you prefer to have a design other than a ball.

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