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How to Decorate Indoors for Halloween

Halloween is a great time to show off your creativity. It is also a great opportunity to create an atmosphere of horror in your house that you may bore after long time period of WFH. As long as you find the trick, decorating your home at your favorite horror festival can be fun and easy.

1. Start Halloween Decorations with Furniture

There are some simple and efficient tips that can make your home look desolate, weird, and have a Halloween atmosphere. Here are some things you have to try:

  • Cover your couch and chairs with white sheets. Pick the oldest bed sheet to make your home look like it hasn’t been used for years. It is even better if there are some natural-looking holes in the sheets.
  • Cover the table with a tattered black tablecloth. Take a black sheet then cut all the edges to make it ragged. Alternatively, you may have a black Halloween table runner on top of your table.
indoor decoration for halloween
  • If you have creepy books that fit the atmosphere of Halloween, such as Edgar Allen Poe’s works, put them in the most conspicuous part of the shelf, or even put them on the long table against the wall.
  • Strategically place some skulls to add color to your lifeless furniture.

2. Adjust the Lighting in Your Home

Lights can help add the horrific atmosphere to your home, so you should do your best to make the best use of the lights at home. Try to make the whole house look very dim, so the elements of horror can suddenly come into view at any time. If your home is too bright and there isn’t enough mystery, here are some perfect Halloween lighting solutions:

  • Paste bats props that made with plastics on the inner walls of a lampshade of an ordinary desk lamp. This way, when you go to turn on the lamp, the shape of the bat will appear. But be careful not to let them get too close to the bulb.
how to decorate indoor for halloween
  • Light some white candles that are bleeding downward. You just need to place some white candles on a normal lamp-stand or a paper lamp-stand, and then light a red candle above them until enough red wax oil is dripped, so that they look like blood is flowing down the edges.
  • Carve a scary face, outline, or other scary designs that can be carved out onto a pumpkin, and then illuminate the insides of the pumpkin.
  • Light some orange lanterns and hang them all over the house. Alternatively, you may place battery operated pumpkin face tealight candles in every corner of your house where you would like to boost up the festival atmosphere. This is great choice especially you have kids or pets at home.
  • Some small white candles lit all over the house. Spread some black bugs around them to increase the effect.
  • If all your lights are bright, replace them with darker bulbs to improve the scary Halloween lighting.

3. Make Use of Pumpkins

Halloween is not the same without pumpkins, so you need to make full use of pumpkin decorations. There is no need to overuse pumpkins, you just need to think of some clever ways to use more pumpkins in decoration projects, and your home will be more bizarre and beautiful.

simple halloween indoor decoration ideas
  • Hang some pumpkin balloons.

    Draw scary faces with black markers on some orange balloons. Scatter them on the ground or hang them on the ceiling.
  • Take some pumpkins painted in black, silver or glitter paint and arrange them in every corner of the house.

    You may consider to buy the fake white pumpkins in bulk then paint them with color you want. This way will save you lots of time.
  • Use pumpkin bowls to serve Halloween dishes.
  • If you make a special pumpkin drink, you can use a pumpkin bowl to hold it.

5. Decorate the Walls More Horribly

Walls can make a great contribution to the further scary of the house. You only need to add something to the existing walls and hanging paintings on the walls to make your ghost home more “viable”. You can try the following methods:

how to decorate indoor for halloween
  • Cover some of your hanging pictures with white clothes. This will make your home feel more abandoned.
  • Draw creepy eyes on the mirror so that people will shudder when looking in the mirror.
  • Use fake blood to paint on your hanging pictures.

    But this only applies to paintings framed with glass frames, so you can wash off the fake blood afterwards.
  • Cobwebs are hung on the wall. You can tear the big cotton ball apart, or use worn-out gauze, or even buy fake spider webs from the store.

6. Let All Kinds of Creepy “surprises” Fill your House

Finally, come to some finishing touches to complete your Halloween decoration project. Here are some methods you can try:

  • Put an old bird cage on the ground. Open the door of the bird cage. Scatter some fake mice in the bird cage.
  • Pick up a bunch of branches from the outdoors and place them in a vase.
  • Place a bunch of beautiful white roses and cover it with small black fake ants, fake spiders, and fake caterpillars.
  • Use black fine art paper to make a bat wreath and hang it everywhere in the house.