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Battery Operated Pumpkin Face Tealight Candles

Battery Operated Pumpkin Face Tealight Candles

The simple battery operated pumpkin face tealight candles might be just the item you need to spice up this year's Halloween experience. They are no doubt unique and amazing in every way imaginable. For starters, it's not even a real wax or tallow with a central wick which is lit to produce gleam as it burns..

Yes, they are powered by chemical energy and can be switched on and off with ease. Not only that but it can last for up to a whooping 100 hours which is just a little over 3 days. For a product of this size, that is incredible. Not only do they have the looks and the long lasting hours, but they also has multiple advantages such as no smoke and no risk of fire.

Not only that but they also won't have all that annoying wax dripping which ruins decorations as a whole. With these advantages in mind, the product will have better performance in long term decoration use than compared to real candles which only lasts through one night.

This product is great and all, but personally, I wouldn't let it stand on the table alone.If you ask me for my opinion, this product isn't a stand alone great product, I suggest it should be paired with other table top accessories to make them a touch of beauty.

I suggest they should be around a framed picture, or around much bigger sized Jack-O-lanterns, and so on. I think they should be used in such a way that it allows your creativity to flow through rather than putting it on a table and leaving it there. That is what is so special and unique about this product.

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