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Christmas Salt and Pepper Set with Napkin Holder

Christmas Salt and Pepper Set with Napkin Holder

It’s a delightful yet simple way to celebrate the winter holiday with this Christmas salt and pepper set that is also a napkin holder. It definitely adds a lot of the holiday touch and adds some cheer to your dining room.

At a glance, it looks like a decorative item. But the Santa Claus and the Xmas tree are salt and pepper holders. And the back wall is a tissue holder. So yes, it's decoratively beautiful and it is functional.

Anyone can use this fantastically designed product. Just place it on your dining table and watch as your guests smile and take a look at this masterpiece.

I love this product so much because it's so beautiful looking. You can just take a closer look at the design and look at the intricate details that this product has. It brings out so much aroma of joy and yet it's still functional and not just a decorative piece.

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