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Halloween Dancing Broomstick with Spooky Sound

Halloween Dancing Broomstick with Spooky Sound

Hang on! This is not an ordinary broomstick and you can't use it to sweep the floor. It is actually a witch's broom. The wicked witch has vanished but her broom remains here.

Let's allow it to roam your house, you'll thrill when listening to its laughs wickedly. Yes, it is a great animated prop for you to create a moving Halloween experience.

It is playing spooky music and emitting frightful sounds. Partygoers will be aghast as this broomstick starts moving around the floor.

You may consider placing a witch's hat on the broom handle to make it look more attractive. Alternatively, you may have it together with a life-size animated witch for creating a spooky party on the night of 31 October.

Wonder how it performs? Watch it in the following video.

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