Best Life Size Animated Halloween Witch

Best Life Size Animated Halloween WitchMy neighbor finally decided to pick the best life-size animated Halloween witch among those spooky giant props.

The party is on the eve of All Saints’ Day. Thus she prefers to have sorceress prop for adding a touch of evil power while decorating the spooky scene.

I spent the whole noontime with her for sourcing online and shortlisted five.

Most of them come with a pointed hat except for the second one. They have no flying broomstick but feature scary face especially their eyes.

You may consider picking the first one if you have kids at home who cannot accept a high spooky spirited large prop.

Halloween Prop Life Size Animated Enchantress
Halloween Prop Life Size Animated Enchantress

This wicked sorceress is dressed in a dark red costume. She is the gentle one compare to the following evil sorceress props.

Instead of holding a skull or a book that full of casting spells, she is keeping a crystal ball on her hand. Anyhow, she will scary you by reading your future while turning her eyes to red color.

In case you're sourcing for a super scary large animated prop that can move her body part while speaking, you'll like the following one. Do not hesitate to watch her in the following video.

This sorceress has the scariest eyes. Another one good eye will glow red color from within as she cackles maniacally that also create a spooky atmosphere.

Look at her in details in the image below which is showing her at the unactivated moment.

Animated Witch Full Size Halloween Prop
Animated Witch Full Size Halloween Prop

Although she is smiling, you’ll feel spine-chilling by looking at her eyes and listening to creepy sentences that come out from her mouth, especially the phrases "I'm so hungry".

The feral black cat with lighted eyes stays on her hand also the fearsome element that makes people feel nervous.

I know this may not satisfy you if you wanna create the most nerve-racking scene in the haunted house. Hang on! Scroll down to see the one below.

Stew Brew Witch With Toddler the Best Life Size Animated Halloween Enchantress
Stew Brew Witch With Toddler the Best Life Size Animated Halloween Enchantress

This is a high-spirited spooky prop that expresses the story by itself. Look at the picture, the enchantress is holding a small blond-haired girl by her feet and stands in front of a black cauldron.

You’ll hear scream sound from the toddler that creating a dangerous element to the scene and makes people feel tense. I know it is hard to imagine the scary scenario via text description.

No better than watch it and feel it. Here you are.

This evil enchantress is so happy to have a toddler as her meal. She keeps turning head and torso while saying "You will make a tasty meal" and some other sentences that make people blood-curdling.

The fog will begin to swirl in the cauldron when it been activated and this boosts the terrifying level.

Having a concern that the evil enchantress with stew brew is not kids friendly and so it is not suitable to be displayed at a party? Well, take the following prop into consideration.

Best Spell Speaking Sorceress Halloween Prop
Best Spell Speaking Sorceress Halloween Prop

It is the large lively prop dresses up like a real sorceress with shredded-gauze details that feature similar color as her long stringy hair. The entire costume is matching with a classic black witch hat.

This sorceress is bringing a red color sack for her potions. Look at the above picture and you'll be noticed that she hangs it off of the rope belt that tied around her waist.

The green light from her book illuminating her face when it is activated by plug in the UL power adapter. She is then casting one of three wicked spelling with light-up eyes.

This prop actually is quite vivid. You’ll hear clear spell speaking and you can adjust her volume to the level you like. She will looks more attractive if you partner her with a black cat Halloween prop.

Did you wonder which large lively prop that my neighbor finally pick? Scroll down and you'll see the one comes with extra function on top of the decoration.

Best Animated Lifesize Witch with Food Dish on Hand
Best Animated Lifesize Witch with Food Dish on Hand

Yes, she is holding a dish which can be used to place candy.

Alternatively, you can place Halloween scary body parts on the dish for increasing the terrifying level.

Although she is not as tall as other sorceresses on this page, she is the only one can be hung by a rope. Her eyes are shining and her chin simulates a real person the action of speaking.

There are large lively props other than evil enchantress. Click the link to explore more to complete your haunted house decoration.

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