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Grey Skull with Skeleton Hand Motion Activated Halloween Candy Bowl

Grey Skull with Skeleton Hand Motion Activated Halloween Candy Bowl Buy Now
Skull Candy Bowl with Creepy Moving Skeleton Hand

Let’s embrace the spirit of Halloween with a whimsical dish holder that both of kids and adults loves. It will make the moment of treat or trick full of fun.

The disk holder with skull design could be a great decoration item to add touch of spooky atmosphere. When it’s been activated, its skeleton hand will pop out to scare people who are grabbing candy inside the bowl.

The creepy white hand actually is hidden at the back of the skull. When something triggers its motion sensor, the ghoulish skeleton hand will jump out and wiggles its bony fingers over the candy.

People used to be attracted with its flashing red eyes. When they are reaching inside the disk holder and trying to grab a treat or two, they will get shock with the skeleton hand that emerges to grasp their hand.

It definitely is a great animated Halloween candy bowl to bring a piece of spooky fun that delights all your guests.