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Skull Statue Himalayan Salt Lamp Set

Skull Statue Himalayan Salt Lamp Set Buy Now
Skull Carved Statue Lamp Night Light

Do not hesitate to grab this skull status Himalayan salt lamp set if you’re running out of gift ideas especially during October the gothic season.

It’s the superb gift for Halloween party hostess. The gift itself with human head design is well match with the party theme. Better still, it can be applied for daily use to illuminate a room with relaxing amber glow.

There are pink and white Himalayan salt chunks come along with the package. Each one of them is unique as it is hand-mined for purify the air when they are being heat up.

Some people prefer to have this kind of night lamp at bedside or home office as it emits negative ions that could fight against electromagnetic radiation from common electronic devices.

Himalayan Salt Lamp SetSkull Carved Status Lamp Night Light with Himalayan Pink White Salt ChunksBuy Now

As the picture, it has the metal base and comes with 15W bulb. There is a dimmer switch for you to adjust the brightness of the light.

It can be a very attractive Halloween decoration item even you off the light. It definitely is a piece that matches any decoration style anywhere indoor.

If can also be a perfect gift for those people who prefer to have skull as part of their pop-ular home décor to add touch of trending sense.