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Life-Size Hanging Skeleton with Witch Hat and Broomstick Halloween Prop

I want a life-size skeleton prop!  
No! I like a flying witch prop!

If you have kids who have a different opinion when comes to buying decision of Halloween decoration items, then this life-size hanging skeleton with a witch hat and broomstick prop is the ideal pick as it fulfills both kids request.

It is as huge as standard human size. Better still, you can make your own custom poses as it comes with the bendable joints.

This is suitable for those who have kids at home because it does not look as horrible as those animated life-size hanging witch that can be screaming while flashing red eyes.

Instead of scare people with a creepy look, it smiles to great all your guests. It even wears a gold bracelet and a purple ring to make itself look more attractive.

By the way, did I mention it painted its fingernails? Look at it closely and you’ll notice that its fingernails are red color.

As seen in the video above, it is flying with its broomstick. Off course, you have to hang it in order to have such effect.

This hanging prop is made with all-weather plastic and you are free to impose it to make it looks like a flying witch who is ready cast her spell on people that cross under its path.