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Blue Monster Face with Sharp Teeth Halloween Outdoor Decor

Blue Monster Face with Sharp Teeth Halloween Outdoor Decor Buy Now
Monster Face with Eyes, Nostrils and Sharp Teeth

Let’s welcome your guests on the eve of All Saints’ Day with an unique huge monster mouth.

All you need is this monster with sharp teeth Halloween décor kit. It would turns your door as the monster mouth by applied a huge eerie eyes, a blue nose and fangs stained with blue venom.

The monster face is printed on waterproof thick plastic and there are total ninety pieces of strong double sided foam tapes come along with the package. So you can exchange the stickers and apply to some other place if you want.

Blue Monster Face Halloween Outdoor DecorMonster Face Halloween Decoration for Garage Door, Archway or CarBuy Now

Similar to Halloween garage door magnets, it would not damage the surface when you tear it off. Better still, you can apply it regardless what type of your door is.

This eye-catching decoration kit is huge and its size is big enough for your archway, garage door or front door. You can even stick it on your car to embrace holiday spirit anywhere you go.