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How to Make a Color Paper Made Ball for Christmas

How to Make a Color Paper Made Ball for ChristmasThere are another one or two months until Christmas. Of course, I’m very excited and I’m sure a lot of people out there have the same excited feeling or so called mood. But if you’re like me you will come to understand that you have prepared too early and too much.

For example, you already prepare all the presents you’re going to give out to people, you already have your Christmas tree and ornaments set up and so much more. So if you’re like me you will feel like you want to do some more decorations if not your house will look the same for the next month.

So I went on YouTube and I found something called “a color paper-made ball for Christmas”. But it’s not really Christmas theme, but you can put in places where you normally can’t put a Christmas decoration duel to its shape or size. So next I going to tell you the supplies you’re going to need and the steps.

Supplies Needed

A color A4 paper ( any color you want )


A round plastic cup ( not too big )

A normal pencil

A pair of scissors

Step by Step Instructions

1. Take the round plastic cup and use the pencil to trace the round circle on to the color A4 paper.

2. Cut out the circle and fold the circle shaped paper into a semi-circle.

3. Take the semi-circle and fold it into another half so now you should have four quarters.

4. Take the quarter and fold it exactly three more times (make sure it is parallel).

5. Open it up and put glue on every other line (only on one side).

6. Paste the semi-circle on the side with the glue so now you have a semi-circle again.

7. Now do the same thing eighteen times then you should have eighteen semi-circles.

8. Take one semi-circle and put glue on every other line.

9. Take another semi-circle and paste it on top.

10. Then take another semi-circle and do the same thing with all eighteen semi-circles.

11. Wait until it’s dry then come back.

12. Take your glue and put it on one side of the semi-circle and then paste it together.

And just like that, you have finished. It may seem like a lot of steps and it takes a really long time but to be honest, it only took a little bit of time and it looks really good as well. So if you’re like me and you feel like you have already put up all your Christmas decorations, then this is the perfect solution for you.

And remember this is customizable so for example, you want red or you want pink you can get or if you want to alternate the colors together like red and pink together and that’s still fine.

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