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How to Make a Chic Pumpkin with Paper for Fall Decor

How to Make a Chic Pumpkin with Paper for Fall DecorI always have a fun time with kids during the weekend for completing a simple artwork. Last week we are together learning how to make a chic pumpkin with paper for fall decor.

My husband said they do not look like the rounded orange-yellow fruit when he saw the first one we have done. But we not really care about his comment because we are quite enjoying the artwork making process.

These orange color artworks are now hanging along the stair handrail and entryway. They are so chic due to the 3D effect when you look at them with some distance.

They are great seasonal decoration items on top of the fall leaf bowl I did on two weeks ago. My daughter also took a few to place on her study desk that recently decor with autumn theme.

Supplies Needed

Orange colored paper (letter size)

Thin hemp rope

Scissors or Craft Knife
Pencil or pen
Thick paper
The lid of a small round bottle (or any other thing that can help to drawn a small round circle)

Step by Step Instructions

The very first step does not show in the video. But we found that it is better to prepare at the beginning of the project.

1. Draw a small circle on thick paper and cut it. These small round papers will be used as a connector to combine every part of the artwork. Each artwork needs 9 connectors. So you may prepare as many as you need for the number of pumpkins you are going to make.

2. Fold an orange color paper to make it look like an accordion.

3. Use a ruler to make marks on paper and cut vertically to get 4 strips with 4cm width.

4. Make a big circle by combining two strips then glue the round connector on top and bottom of the circle. Complete Step 4 by making 2 circles.

5. Similar to Step 3 but reduce paper width to 3.5cm and repeat Step 4 to make two smaller circles.
6. To make the smallest circle, cut paper with a width of 3cm. Glue a connector on the bottom and a thin hemp rope on top. You just need to make 1 smallest circle.

7. Glue the circles in sequence. The bottom is the smaller circle (3.5cm width) then follows by two biggest circles (4cm width), a smaller circle and the top is the smallest one (3cm width).

In a nutshell, this 3D paper pumpkin is made with 5 circles. To make it more attractive, you may use orange color paper to make the biggest circles and red color paper to make smaller circles.

This is one of the simple projects we did so far. The only challenge is folding paper. You have to fold it hard to get the shape and handle circles with gentle to avoid damage its accordion shape.

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