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Snowman Magnet Set for Refrigerator

Snowman Magnet Set for RefrigeratorHave you ever had a problem decorating your kitchen with the 25th December theme especially since people only talk about decorating the front yard or porch with hanging mistletoe, battery operated Christmas wreath, inflatable snowman, or near the fireplace with red and white stockings? If that's so, then here is your solution!

The one place in every home that we seldom decorate is the kitchen. But by saying that, you might think, what can I decorate my kitchen with? Well, I have found the lovely snowman magnet set for refrigerator that you can use in the kitchen.

And that is the Snowman Magnet Set for Refrigerator. Don't worry! The shortlisted decoration items here are very sturdy. They have an amazing look. They can be used for a long time and won't slip off easily. Lastly, it won't scratch the fridge.

A creative way to use them is to put up notes with the magnets. As they are magnets and not stickers, they can be adjustable to your preferred size or just play around with how you want to display them.

And finally, they can be used on other kitchen appliances or maybe even anywhere else as well since they have an average size.

They add a simplistic yet great look to your kitchen and in my opinion, they are essential to every kitchen during Christmas.

Snowman with Top Hat, Scarf, and Gloves Refrigerator Magnets Set
Snowman with Top Hat, Scarf, and Gloves Refrigerator Magnets Set

This first one is great. In terms of its size, It's relatively big. It ranges from smallest which is 1.6 inches in diameter for the eyes, and biggest being the tophat which is 13.6 inches in width.

As for its looks, it has a black top hat with a red stripe going around it with a berry bush on the side. It has the classic dotted eyes and mouth together with the carrot-nose. It is wearing a red scarf and glove with the glove having a snowflake design. And lastly, it has the classic dotted abdomen.

Furthermore, its magnet is antislip which is good especially for the kitchen. And they can be put on the microwave or oven as they are actually made with PVC materials, which means it's high temperature resistance.

Overall, it has a great simplistic design, it's good in size, it is antislip and it can stand hot temperatures.

Snowman Magnets Set for Refrigerator Christmas Decoration
Snowman Magnets Set for Refrigerator Christmas Decoration

The second fridge magnet here is pretty similar to the first one. It's a little smaller with the smallest being its individual dot mouth being 0.8 inches in diameter and the biggest being the scarf which is 12.6 inches in length. So if you like the first one but it's a bit too big for your liking and satisfaction, then you can consider this.

Speaking of the scarf, it also has white strips which is an alternative to the first one with only red. It also has a smoke pipe which adds a little touch of beautifulness into its design. It holds up and has the same properties as the first one.

In conclusion, this can be an alternative to the first one with a little more intricate design and a little smaller size.

Snowman with Red Black Buffalo Plaid Refrigerator Magnets Set
Snowman with Red Black Buffalo Plaid Refrigerator Magnets Set

If you still think both the above chooses are not detailed enough and need something with more of a pronounced design, then this is your solution.

All the sizes are pretty big so it's not the case where one of them is huge and one of them is tiny. Basically, the sizes are pretty balanced. At one glance, it has everything the second product has but the real difference is in its design. It has a large red black buffalo design to you which is great for those who love this sort of intricate pattern.

Altogether, it has a great balanced size unlike the first two. It has a really pronounced design that just looks like it's streaming out "beauty" into your kitchen. Definitely get this for the holidays if you love the nice design.

Merry Christmas Snowman Fridge Magnet Stickers Set
Merry Christmas Snowman Fridge Magnet Stickers Set

This snowman magnet is the newest and most trendy out of everything on this page.

Its size is the biggest out of everything on this page as well with a whopping 19 by 27 inches when fully assembled. This is definitely something you can get if you want something huge.

And where do I even start on its looks? It is based on the tragic year of 2020 with a mask, hand sanitizer, and the widely needed item, toilet paper. Apart from 2020 related items, it pretty much has the same design but the great difference is that it has the classic sticks for arms while still having the gloves.

After all, it is very new with all the 2020 related items, it has the biggest size for people who like to aim for the biggest, and the sticks for arms add a classic snowman look which adds a touch of nostalgia to the normal three-tier man built with snow.

Snowman and Santa Magnet Set for Refrigerator Decorations
Snowman and Santa Magnet Set for Refrigerator Decorations

This final product does not only have a snowman, it has the beloved Santa Claus!

Let's welcome Santa Claus to our kitchen with this magnet set. When getting the set, you get both the snowman and Sants Claus so you get the best of both. It still has a large size of 17.7 by 20.5 inches when fully assembled. The snowman has sticks for arms like the one above which as mention, is very amazing for classic snowman lovers.

As for Santa, he got his hat, a bright smile, and gloves. Exactly what you would think of when it comes to classic Santa.

Having said that, It is large in size, it has the added touch of Santa and it has a great design overall.

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