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Red and Orange Jack O’ Lantern Dining Table Cotton Placemats Set

Red and Orange Jack O’ Lantern Dining Table Cotton Placemats Set

We are so happy to begin our indoor Halloween decoration with this red and orange Jack’O Lantern dining table cotton placemats set. It simply kicks off our holiday spirit and now we are getting more and more decorative items to add a spooky scene at home.

Did I mention these tabletop mats are playing dual functions? You can use it as table linen for an individual place setting while you are enjoying your meals at home.

Alternatively, you can fasten the button of four pieces to turn it becomes an amazing table runner and put some Halloween candy on top for delight trick or treaters.

This is the main factor that causes me made the buying decision without further delay. I never thought that an ordinary item can serve multipurpose. Based on the product reviews, some people even use this pumpkin shape linen to dry their dishes.

You may consider grabbing two sets if you would like to have both functions at the same time during the fall holiday.

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