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Giant Brown Teddy Bear with Heart Shape Pillow

Giant Brown Teddy Bear with Heart Shape Pillow

This giant brown teddy bear with a heart shaped pillow is the birthday gift we prepared for the only little girl at our home.

As my daughter just started to sleep alone in her own bedroom, we are thinking to find her an adorable roommate to accompany her. This 5 foot stuffed plush soft toy is a great choice. Better still, it comes with a small pad that featuring embroidery “I Love You” to express our love to her.

We are expecting a big smiling face from her when she unwrapping the present. She had a Micky Mouse plush toy when she was a toddler. She loved it so much but its size is too small for her to hug now. So we believe this stuffed animal is a good replacement for her to hug during bedtime.

Our challenge now is finding a way to wrap this super big size present and we have to complete this mission before her birthday :-)

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