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Wood Shelve Three Tiers Desktop Mini Plant Pots Stand

Wood Shelve Three Tiers Desktop Mini Plant Pots Stand

This kind of wood shelves three tiers desktop mini plant pots stand is great to display my small succulent plants at home office next to the window.

Whenever my eyes tired after a long time seeing the computer monitor, I used to move away from workstation and spend some time to watch greenly living beings.

The first succulent exists in my home office is Echeveria Bluebird. I love it because its shape looks like a lotus when you view it from the top. As its name implies, it features blueish-white and you’ll notice reddening edges while autumn season.

I added Graptoveria Titubans and some other succulent plants on desk weeks ago. They look very nice in a row. Furthermore, small potted succulents are purifying the air while bringing natural touch indoor.

However, they are occupying my working desk space. Hence, I need a multiple layer rack to hold and display them in style. It is a versatile way to utilize this rack. You may turn it to H-shape if you are bored with the I-shape style in the future.

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