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Green Minecraft Creeper Waterproof Backpack for Kids

Green Minecraft Creeper Waterproof Backpack for Kids

This green Minecraft creeper waterproof backpack is an ideal gift for kids who love the game. My son just requested to have one for the replacement of his broken schoolbag.

When he comes to buying things, he always wants something that is related to a particular game. He is started playing the game last summer holiday and now he is a huge fan. The drinking cup that he uses daily also features the game’s iconic baby pig image.

Thus we are expected that my son would thrill with this bag. It does not feature the common rectangle shape. Instead, it has two short legs at the bottom. It really is an eye-catching bag, especially for those game enthusiasts.

The size is 30.48cm x 45.72cm x 17.78cm with lots of storage compartment. You’ll find a pocket on the front zip for holding pens and other tiny accessories. The middle pocket is big enough for binder storage. There is plenty of space for homework and books when you open the third zip. This water-resistant canvas bag is also suitable for casual outdoor activities.

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