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DIY School Bus Cardboard Stationery Organizer

DIY School Bus Cardboard Stationery Organizer

DIY school bus cardboard stationery organizer is fun during the process and yet it can be a functional item for kids.

It looks like a puzzle piece in a hard thick paper at the beginning and you have to follow instructions to complete the do-it-yourself craft project. You’ll get a red and yellow color Volkswagens vintage coach within an hour.

On top of the coach, there are six compartments ready to holds pencils, scissors, rules, highlighters, etc. It is a great addition to any study desk especially boys who love to play car toys or girls who like to decorate her room with an autumn theme.

If you are Volkswagens fans and love the puzzle game, you may keep it as a keepsake after completed the craft project. I personally found that it is a great gift that a kid could prepare for his or her best friend. The kid can complete the project and gives the finished product to their friend as a present.

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