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Orange Pumpkin Multi-Colors Leaves and Berries Solar Power Stakes

Orange Pumpkin Multi-Colors Leaves and Berries Solar Power Stakes

I love this orange pumpkin multi-colors leaves and berries solar power stakes. It is a smart choice as it fits both of the fall season and October holiday decorations. Better still, it is suitable to display in the yard all the way to December while we are having the Christmas celebration.

The color between red and yellow is likely represents the fall season and it also means the fruit is ripe for picking. This garden decorative item obviously adds a touch of changing season with its design from top to bottom especially the leaf with a mixture of red, yellow and green color.

The top part automatically lights up at night if it aborts enough energy from sunlight during day time. Anyhow, I don’t really care whether or not it is lighted up because its colorful designs make it looks charming all day long.

I am planning to add some fake tiny snowflakes scatter from middle to bottom when winter is coming upon us. This may make it turns to be the whimsical decoration for Christmas.

By the way, there are more choices of Halloween solar light stakes in case my favorite one is not your cup of tea. Let’s click the link to explore and pick one for your festival celebration.

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