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Black Oak Cube Storage Organizer for School Bag and Study Supplies

Black Oak Cube Storage Organizer for School Bag and Study Supplies

I finally got this black oak cube storage organizer to keep my school bag and store my study supplies.

It all started when I came home one day and my mom told me that I should get some kind of shelf so I can put my school bag, my stationery, my books, and some other random things. She told me this because every single time I come back home from school I’ll throw my school bag on the ground and go have dinner. So after a few days of looking around online, I finally found a shelf that suits me perfectly.

It looks elegant and it had five different spaces you can put stuff. One of the best parts is it’s not only for putting your school items, but it’s perfect for books, tiny statues or even just other decorative items and it will still look perfect. Three spaces on the left have regular sizes and there two rectangles on the right with a bigger size.

Right now you might be asking yourself, what things you should put in which space. For example, you can put one or two bags in the bottom right hand corner, you can put your color pencils and pencil boxes on the top left corner, you can put a few books on the middle space at the left hand side and maybe a few on the bottom left hand corner too and finally, you can put a few sports items on the top right corner. That is how I would put my stuff but of course, it is up to you to decide what you want to put on the fantastic shelf.

In case you are looking for a cabinet for keeping books at a small space, you may consider the options of tall narrow bookcase with doors.

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