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Nutcracker Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

Nutcracker Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar

This cool nutcracker king wooden Christmas advent calendar neither has pockets nor drawers but yet is giving your festival decor the "wow" factor.

It combines the classic festive colors: red, green and white from top to bottom that make it the perfect addition to your home decor during the holiday season.

Children sure love be attracted with its beautiful design and not to mention the way of counting down to Xmas.

Unlike those Christmas tree advent calendar with pockets, this one you have to turn the number day by day follows the date.

The two number parts are attached with chord. So your rest assure that your kid will not lost any piece when using it to keep track of the days to Christmas.

Although it cannot hang on the wall but it can stand stable on any countertop. In fact, it looks perfectly with your gnome table decorations.

Both characters have soft white beard that comfortable to touch. Better still, they're easy fit in no matter what your decor style is.

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