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Gnome with Faux Fur Beard Christmas Advent Calendar

Gnome with Faux Fur Beard Christmas Advent Calendar

Let's hang this adorable gnome with faux fur beard Christmas advent calendar on the wall to have Tomte or Nisse with you for counting down.

Look at it closely and you'll notice that its hand is holding a small bag wrote 25th number while another hand is holding a red color rope.

The rope is connecting to a tiny heart-shape adornment so you can insert it into the corresponding pocket while you're counting down to Xmas day.

Well, you can still put a small note that writing your special message or small treats into the pockets to have fun when counting down with your kids.

I'm sure that your kids love to touch it especially its soft beard. Its red hat and body are made from fabric. This not only make you feel comfortable when touch it but also durable and can be reuse for years to come.

Your may hang it on a door of your kid's bedroom, or dresser or mantelpiece for spreading the festival spirit. The gnome decor for Christmas is one the perfect ways to bring cheer to your sweet home.

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