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Candy Cane Glass Shakers with Napkin Holder

Candy Cane Glass Shakers with Napkin Holder

Let's add a touch of holiday delightful atmosphere by simply put these candy cane glass shakers with a napkin holder on your dining table or kitchen countertop.

At a glance, this iron kitchen accessory set featuring a red and white striped cylindrical stick with a curved end and green bow accents.

It could not be more thrilled with these decorative items expecially during Christmas. You may display them together with the Christmas paper towel holder that comes with a similar design.

They are not only good for display but also convenient for daily usage. The bottle can be used to fill with salt and pepper. There is a twist-off top so it is easy for filling.

Therefore, they are not limited to holiday but also suitable to be used all year long to add a touch of cheerful while having meals at home.

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