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Rattan Christmas Tree Skirt Wicker

Rattan Christmas Tree Skirt Wicker

Rattan Christmas tree skirt wicker is making a dramatic statement while adding some rustic charm to your festive decorations. It does not providing space for you to lay presents but it will complete your decoration with a tidy yet elegant update.

If you look closely, you'll notice that it flares out slightly toward the base. This shape creates simple framing and you can hide these wire cords surround the tree's stand.

The middle red color stripe makes it outstanding from those classic Christmas tree collars that featuring natural color.

It is an ideal alternative choice to the traditional tree skirt especially for those who are decorating the holiday with a rustic theme.

Am I mention it is formed by three pieces? You can detach it after the holiday is over for easy storage. Off course, it can be reuse for years.

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