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Adjustable Hardwood Pot Stand for Indoor Plants

Adjustable Hardwood Pot Stand for Indoor Plants

I finally found the adjustable hardwood pot stand for indoor plants. Yes, I have been searching for this product for quite some time.

Although the shrub I bought that one time, the seller said it will remain its size and cannot grow bigger. But I have noticed that it can barely fit the original plant-pot after a few months.

Thus, I have no choice but to replace the original plant-pot as well as the holder. I'm scared that the shrub will grow bigger requiring a bigger plant-pot but with this width-changeable from 8" to 12" holder, I don't have to buy a new one.

It features a trendy design and fits the minimalist home decor look. My plant which is supposed to be on the floor can be raised on the display holder will look amazing.

As the title implies, it is made with hardwood so it is sturdy and holds up to 150lbs. Hence, it doesn't matter if you have a real or faux artificial plant to be displayed inside your house or office as decoration.

In case you have multiple pots, there are shortlisted five wooden stand for indoor plants that you can't miss.

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