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Faux Fur Desk Chair with Arms

Faux Fur Desk Chair with Arms

What the stylish home office addition! Faux fur desk chair with arms and wheels not only boosts the decoration of your home office but also giving you a fresh mind to kick off your work of the day.

It features a metal frame with a silver chrome castor and comes with an adjustable lift seat function. Needless to say, the more attractive part is the faux fur seat and back.

It allows you to move around in your home office as ease as an ordinary office chair. It also allows you to adjust the height of the seat so that you can work with comfort seating position.

Most people feedback that this is well designed for a girl as it does not come with big size like those standard office desk chair. In case you are looking for a pink color one, do not hesitate to click and source more options of pink fur chair.

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