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Talking Skeletal Boy on Swing Animated Halloween Prop

Do not hesitate to hang this talking skeletal boy on a swing the animated Halloween prop at your front yard for creating a spooky atmosphere and scare people who are coming to your house during the month of October.

Please be alert. This scary youngster that comes from Victorian-era can’t keep quiet. He will speak and giggle while he is swinging.

Wondering what he is talking about? Watch the following video.

It’s okay to watch at midnight because his voice is not as scary as a fearsome witch in those ghost movies.

Have you listened clearly to what he talking? The phrases I remembered only numbers and his giggle.

He not only talking but his eyes glow blue while his head-turning left-to-right and turns from right to left. If you wish to stop him from doing all these animations, the only way is to off the UL power. It still is an eye-catching life-size skeleton prop even without animation.

You may boost the spooky atmosphere by adding a fake casket next to it. It creates a scene that the Victorian-era youngster is coming out from the fake casket and enjoying his time on the eve of All Saints’ Day.