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Life Size Animated Witch with Crutch Skull Halloween Prop

Life Size Animated Witch with Crutch Skull Halloween Prop Buy Now
Lunging Haggard Witch Animated Lifesize Talking Witch Halloween Prop

Just leave this page because here has no ordinary sorceresses that carrying a classic cauldron or a book with casting spells.

Instead, the life size animated witch presenting on this page is wicked and scare people by lean forward her body while she is talking.

When people passby her and pay attention in order to understand what she is talking about, she will scares people out of sudden by lean forward her body and moving a hand.

Although her other hand is set at static mode, but the walking stick she holds is featuring a scary cranium.

Did I tell you her name? People use to call her Lunging Haggard Witch.

Her height is 6.5′ feet. Some people said she looks like an old ugly lady if without glowing light-up eyes.

Is hard to imagine how scary it is? Watch the video below without further delay.