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Skeleton Prisoner in Hanging Cage Animated Halloween Prop

Let’s make the October month full with spooky atmosphere by applying this skeleton prisoner in hanging cage the animated Halloween prop.

The skull is wearing a black eye patch with a black and white stripe costume. The eye patch leads most of the people to think of pirate who being caught and trapped for years.

At one glance, you may think this prisoner was dead. But you’ll get shock. He screams while blinking his eyes. Can’t imagine how he is makes noise? Watch the video below.

In case you’re looking for a convenient way to decorate your office, it is an ideal pick to scare your colleagues with its creepy appearance. You may take out batteries to make it keep quiet whenever you need a silent working environment.

Apart from indoor, you can also place it outdoor to embrace the holiday spirit. It is a resin product and so it will last for many years.

Click the following link if you are sourcing a full-size plastic skeleton to complete your Halloween decorations.