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Changing Face Holiday Musical Wall Clock

Changing Face Holiday Musical Wall Clock

What the creative design of this changing face holiday musical wall clock! I love it so much. It not only does act as decorative timepiece, but also plays famous holiday melodies. It definitely is wonderful housewarming gift and perfect present for any holiday.

When a holiday is coming upon us, you can change its face-plate accordingly. There are four pieces features festival iconic symbols. You then embrace a holiday spirit instantly after switch a corresponding face-plate for the timepiece.

When you’re changing face-plate for different holidays, your timepiece will auto change the melodies that it plays on every hour. There are total 48 melodies for Easter, Patriotic, Halloween and Christmas. It is something different from cuckoo clock that plays bird sound and music rings.

When festival is over, you can replace a non-holiday face-plate and keep the decorative festival pieces into the built-in storage compartment. This one will not play any melodies and can be used as normal timepiece for year round.