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Coolest Halloween Animatronics Props Clown

Coolest Halloween Animatronics Props ClownReady to turn your home into a house of horrors? These are five coolest Halloween animatronics props with clown design that you can't miss out. From life-size to doll size, from standing to hanging to stake into the ground,there is one suit for your haunter house needs or party decoration.

As their name implies, they will make creepy, twitching motions and sounds once activated by motion or sound. Almost all of them come with creepy look except the third one. Being said that, it still manages to create spooky atmosphere with some spine-tingling saying.

Without further delay, let's scroll down and pick one to create your own horror scene either indoor or outdoor for welcome your guests.

Halloween Animatronic Life-Size Standing Clown
Halloween Animatronic Life-Size Standing Clown

This spooky jester with measurement 5’ 9” tall and 4’ wide is a sight of fright! Place it in a dark corner indoor or make it stand at front door then watch the sinister display comes to life when activated by motion or sound.

Guess what will happen once it being activated? This creepy jester will start moving its head, clawed hands and arms while flashing its red eyes as if out to get you! Not only that, it also scare people with its eerie laugh.

Halloween Animatronics Clown with Child
Halloween Animatronics Clown with Child

Go all way out to celebrate the festival with this two-headed monster. Guests scream, you scream, all people are screaming. When they are talking, they light-up their LED eyes and moving their torso together with arms. But sorry to say that this sinister display not suitable for you if you have little one at home. Listen to their conversation:

Left head: "Gimme that!"
Right head: "Let go!"
Left head: "It's mine!"
Right head: "Get your own!"

The conversation stops while the girl inside the ice cream scope is screaming.

Left head: "What's wrong little girl? Don't you like ice cream?"
Right head: "Everybody likes ice cream."
Left head: "This one's mine! You can have the next one!"
Right head: "Forget it! I'm not falling for that again!"
Left head: "Fine. We'll share."

Their conversation makes the girl screams again. So now you know why this one is not the ideal pick for indoor decoration if you have toddlers at home.

Hanging Halloween Animatronic Clown
Hanging Halloween Animatronic Clown

This hanging joker looks a bit nicer compare to the previous double-head monster but yet it is far from funny. It has thick black lips that frozen in a wide gleeful grin. You probably notice that it is holding a card with its thin skeleton fingers.

Yes, its emerges to tell fortunes to people who passing by. However no one like to listen because this is what he says:

"Hey, you look familiar. Maybe because I've been hiding under your bed!"

"Good, run away. I'll catch up with you later in your nightmares!"

"Oh, did I scare you? Good. You taste much better when youre scared."

Once it being activated by touch or sound, this joker starts light up his eyes and having motion that definitely can scare any trick-or-treaters if you hang it at your front door. Those unsuspecting passersby will surely jump from fright especially during night time.

Animatronic Halloween Props Clown Holding Balloon
Animatronic Halloween Props Clown Holding Balloon

Don't look down at this 3ft" joker. Although it is not as height as the life size Halloween props but it manages to create an unsettling atmosphere to put your guests on edge with its menacing moving mouths startle and the piercing LED eyes.

Whenever someone passes by him, he will move his head and arms while making some strange noises that make people spine-tingling. It’s fairly loud and you may display it in a variety of evil and spooky ways.

Cool Halloween Animatronics Clown Pathway Markers
Cool Halloween Animatronics Clown Pathway Markers

Obviously, these creepy pathway markers can't be the focal of decoration. But, they are very cool item to boost up the spooky atmosphere on the way to your party. When activated by sound, their eyes will glow up at the same time ghoulish howls and scream.

They also can be an ornament surrounding a life size coffin prop for completing your Halloween outdoor decoration.

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