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Christmas Nesting Boxes with Lids

Christmas Nesting Boxes with LidsIf you're looking for a simple decor approach that can be used year after year, then the following Christmas nesting boxes with lids are ideal pick.

They will decorate your home perfectly and boost up the festive atmosphere. Some of them are great choices for someone who would like to start off modern farmhouse collection.

The first three sets are made with wood so they are suitable to be used as porch sign to complete your outdoor decoration; whereby the last two sets can be used as presents case and put under your Xmas tree.

All of them are featuring different sizes which allow you to nest the smaller piece into the bigger piece. In other words, they save a lot of storage space when holiday is over.

Christmas Wooden Joy Box Decor
Christmas Wooden Joy Box Decor

These three blocks that featuring "JOY" offer you a simple yet attractive outdoor decoration approach.

Letter "JOY" in white on the surface of the blocks and top one comes with white ribbons, making it looks like a big gift box.

This set is made of solid wood and so no easy to break. You can display them side by side for building a jumbo sized nutcracker porch decoration or let the small piece lie against the bigger piece.

42" H Wooden Nesting Boxes with Wording Believe

This blocks set that featuring plaid painting is matching with rustic theme and no one can ignore it due to its high.

Did you notice there is a metal box on the very top block? The little ornament makes it looks like a cute gift present.

Furthermore, this is ideal pick if you have limited space at your front door for a porch sign.

Snowman Wooden Decorative Nesting Block Set
Snowman Wooden Decorative Nesting Block Set

Do not hesitate to pick this porch sign if you have children at home or you wish to put a smiling face on kids from your neighborhood.

It actually comes with two designs. One side is a standing snowman with its white body and plaid scarf while another is a scarecrow with its cute face.

In other words, you can use this porch sign during Fall season then change its display when winter is around the corner to add touch of fresh for your outdoor decoration.

Santa Claus Christmas Nesting Boxes with Lids
Santa Claus Christmas Nesting Boxes with Lids

These stackable blocks come with an adorable Santa Claus design definitely is ideal pick for you to complete your indoor decoration with distinctive design.

They are made of sturdy paper card and having enough space for holding your little gifts while attracting attention of your guests.

Anyhow, please be aware that the hat on the very top is not included in this package.

6 Piece Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes with Lids
6 Piece Christmas Nesting Gift Boxes with Lids

This set looks great as decoration on its own by stacked way or put gifts in under Xmas tree.

They all can nest together inside. Some people said they are great for hiding small gift inside of a larger box.

In case you're using them as decorative item, you may mix them with light up Christmas presents decor set.

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