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Zombie Themed Pen Holder

Zombie Themed Pen Holder

zombies have been mentioned in several stories and the invasion is from bookshops to cinemas to TVs. Generally speaking, the goal of every living thing is to keep living.

As human beings who have developed an awareness of our own existence including our own mortality, we are likely drawn to zombie stories because on some level it allows us to deal with the fear of death.

I guess this might be the reason why some people are fascinating with the fictional flesh eating undead although the stories are talking about they are coming back to hurt the living.

This kind of monsters particularly attracted to the smell of blood and the pheromones in sweat. Thus Halloween decorative items normally featuring a zombie man with bloody mouth.

The similar design goes to zombie themed stationery such as this pen holder. It features the fictional undead monster has been impaled, pierced through his entrails. The pen holder is not only functional but it is an awesome decor to shock your guests too!

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